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Speakers Bureau

Because our overriding goal is to facilitate healing and improve the quality of life of people in a relational context, we believe strongly in both sharing what we know and have experienced, and in learning from others about what they know and have experienced. Therefore, each of our people is available to speak or participate in panels at organizations, law firms, associations, business groups, professional groups, churches, synagogues, educational institutions, agencies, or in any other setting where people want to learn and know more by listening to and sharing with each other.

If you are interested in arranging for a speaker or panel member, please contact any of our clinicians.















Contact Information

To learn more, arrange for a confidential consultation, or just to talk, please contact:

Alan M. Levin, JD, MA, LCSW

Gayle L. Victor, JD, MSW

Steve Wallman, LCSW