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Our Groups

Groups offer an unusually rich opportunity for growth and development, where people can experience mutual support and a feeling that there are others going through similar challenges, and can also explore new ways of relating with others to find greater satisfaction in life. We offer a variety of group experiences, including:

  • Mutual support groups for lawyers, designed to deal with the unique pressures and challenges of living life as an attorney, and offering the rare opportunity – in a safe, confidential, nonjudgmental atmosphere – to share personal experiences, reactions and feelings that cannot safely be shared in any other setting.

  • Ongoing, open therapy groups for men and women. These groups provide a wonderful learning opportunity to develop insight from actual interactive experiences, in a safe environment, in ways that individual counseling, coaching or therapy cannot provide.

  • Groups designed for men only, to explore, understand, and enhance the experience of being a man in our society, and covering such topics as the male role as we and outside influences define it, money and job status, being in relationship, sex, fatherhood, etc.

  • Groups designed for women only, to explore, understand, and enhance the experience of being a woman in our society, with particular emphasis on the challenges of functioning in historically male-dominated professional roles such as attorneys, and the impact of the professional status of women upon female role expectations.

In order to provide the optimal group experience, confidentiality is an absolute requirement of participation in our groups, i.e., clients are free to share only what they themselves experienced or said in the group, but must agree never to share what anyone else said or did in the group.



Contact Information

To learn more, arrange for a confidential consultation, or just to talk, please contact:

Alan M. Levin, JD, MA, LCSW

Gayle L. Victor, JD, MSW

Steve Wallman, LCSW