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Alan M. Levin, JD, MA, LCSW

Gayle L. Victor, JD, MSW

Steve Wallman, LCSW

At CareForLawyers.com, that’s what we do – we care for lawyers, and for their families.

We understand what it’s like to be a lawyer from the inside out, because we’ve been there. As lawyers who became therapists, we know that many lawyers are experiencing distress and are looking for solutions. We can help you find those solutions.

CareForLawyers.com grew out of our strong belief and concern that lawyers are a much-maligned group of people who matter and deserve better – who work hard, care about their clients, care about other people, often face difficult challenges in their lives and in their relationships, and rarely if ever receive the appreciation, understanding and support they deserve. Our approach combines our unique “inside” awareness, born from decades of experience as lawyers, with the perception, skill and knowledge that professional training and practice in therapy and counseling provides. In addition to helping individuals, couples, and families, we provide mediation, consultation and psychoeducation for law firms and other organizations.